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Additional Services

Psychological Testing:

The PEO Resource has partnered with one of the leading personality testing firms in the country. Many companies in all industries have turned to "personality profiles" to assist in the acquisition and retention of quality talent. Pre-employment testing helps ensure you're getting the right employee for the job, thereby saving thousands in recruitment, training and replacement.

PayCheck Cards:

Many employers have employees that maintain no banking relationship, these employees typically must use check-cashing firms which levy hefty fees for check cashing, or go directly to the bank on which the check was drawn... which often can be logistically difficult. There are also many employers with traveling employees who need access to cash, but have unsophisticated or non-existing banking relationships.

This service enables the employer to automatically direct deposit the employee's paycheck into an account which will be accessible from most any ATM across the country, and the employee will only have to pay the ATM fees (which are considerably less than check-cashing stores)... or they can use it just like a check card at any retailer that accepts ATM cards or Visa. The employee does not have to open a bank account to use the service, and it will save both the employer and employee time and money.

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