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General Agency for PEO, ASO and HR Services


The PEO Resource:

In today's economy small businesses are looking for any opportunity to increase their revenue stream. The PEO Resource can help by partnering with your small business to create a win / win situation for all entities involved!

Insurance Agents:

Are you tired of losing clients to PEO's? Partner with The PEO Resource and be prepared for when a client comes to you with a PEO proposal or question. Also, PEO's often can be a great solution for those hard to place clients. The fact is, if you haven't run into a PEO yet, you will soon!

CPA's & Other Trusted Advisors:

The PEO Resource is your resource when a client asks for help controlling costs, or compliance. The PEO Resource does the leg-work of weeding through all the various sales tactics and presentation formats, saving you and your clients time and money.


Exciting opportunities exist with The PEO Resource. To find out more contact us today!